Nigara Knives


We have inherited a 350-year-old tradition, but our mission is not about only handing down traditions or resting on our laurels.

Instead, our nature is about constant updating and having an insatiable spirit that challenges the times. In other words, we “evolve.”

We do not wait for needs to arise, but keep one step ahead of them to create ideas, quality, sharpness, patterns, and shapes that have never existed before.

We may not even be craftsmen or technicians anymore. Nigara needs to be a pioneer.

This has been the way of our fathers for 350 years. That is why we must keep this proud legacy alive for the next 350.

Nigara never stops.

The ultimate
sharpness of
Nigara knives.

We create Japanese kitchen knives known for their single-edged blade, just like Japanese swords. It is because of our roots as swordsmiths of the Tsugaru Clan that we especially focus on the sharpness that Japanese knives are known for.

Pleasant textures, beautiful cross-sections, and above all, not damaging the cells in food ingredients as much as possible, suppressing bitterness and odors to maintain flavor.

These are elements that refined cuisines such as Japanese food demand from “sharpness.”

This ultimate “sharpness” can only be realized by choosing not to pursue strength. You could say that this is the exact opposite approach to double-edged, sturdy Western knives, which were born out of the need to cut meat.

Nigara knives are not only for Japanese dishes. We believe it will inspire creators of all types of cuisines.

Our new

A new era has dawned at Nigara.

Seven young craftsmen have gathered under Nigara’s crest of three stars and straight line—some have come to master the art, and others have come seeking their life’s calling.

They are the pioneers of the new generation and will be innovators in the world of knives.